As Sacred Heart educators, we are convinced that “to educate is in itself an act of justice” (Letter on the Feast of the Sacred Heart, 2006) and we take to heart the call “to orient all our educative endeavors toward creating relationships of equality, inclusion, non-violence, and harmony, believing that to have life, and life in abundance, is the deepest desire of God.” (2008 General Chapter)

Schools and Educational Institutions
This service of education in institutions includes instruction, but emphasizes the formation of the whole person,
formation for social and collective life, accompaniment of the faith, with a definite goal: education for justice in faith.
Education:  A Commitment (International Education Commission, 1988)

Socio-Educative Projects and Pastoral Endeavors
In response to new needs of the world and with a new understanding of apostolic religious life, our service of education has opened out
into diverse fields of ministry, which embrace persons of all ages in contrasting social situations.  We feel particularly challenged by
the plight of children, young people and women, especially those who are excluded.   We are convinced that education is a lifelong process.
General Chapter 2000

Solidarity and Sustainability
Together we envision and work for a new social fabric that is founded on the values of justice, peace, and integrity of creation. We hope for
a better world where there is greater equity and a deepened sense of democracy that welcomes diversity and the participation of all.
Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, p.13

Theology and Ecclesial Involvement
This work for structural and systemic change will be rendered ineffective if we do not collaborate with one other
as well as with groups that share the same vision and hope for justice, peace, and integrity of creation. 
Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, p.14

Other Collaborative Efforts
Collaboration implies team building, delegating and assuming our co-responsibility for the common good,
working on common projects and developing together new processes in our service of education.
General Chapter 2000

International Volunteers
We exert greater effort to appreciate diversity, grow in the attitudes and skills of interculturality, and allow
ourselves to be transformed by relationships and encounters with people on the move.
Being Artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, p.21